Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Little Something [:

A little while ago I came across an application that has become incredibly useful. PrimoPDF is a nifty app that pretty much sits in place of a printer. When used it outputs whatever it is that you’re “Printing” into a .PDF file (instead of that odd [cough] and useless [end cough;] .XPS format that Windows offers). ©2009, activePDF, Inc., Nitro PDF, Inc., and Nitro PDF Pty. Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

Possible uses include:

–Making copies of recipes found online for a personal cookbook.

–Creating .PDFs of online tutorials for offline learning/use.

–Copying spouted B.S. from an Ex on their myspace page for later     ;-).

Basically, anything that can be printed can be converted into a .PDF by this ingenious app. There is a free version that is very useful, and honestly the only version I’ve used. But there is one note to be said … It takes a little getting used to in terms of usage. I mean, it is a completely new way of doing things. (A suggestion is to set the PrimoPDF “printer” as the default printer on computers that have no other printers installed. Then just going through the steps of “printing” has the effect of making your new PDF file.)

Enjoy, I know I have :).